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2024 Summer Camps are Live

Group Training

Group training for all ages and abilities with a consistent regimen of practice that meets on a set schedule through the week.

Personal Training

Be mentored Skill Specialist of your choice. Take control of your training schedule to work around other commitments.

Camps & Events

Start your journey on becoming an Elite Player. Search an RBT camp or speciality clinic near you today.


Revolution features real player development, whether you’re starting out in the game of basketball or leveling up to the pros.


Optimized skill development utilizing proprietary training tools to force accountability methods through strategic skills.

Trainers + Mentors For Your Athlete

Revolution features Skill Specialists who teach and demonstrate high-level skill development. Building confidence, being mentors are a by-product of the innovative training methoeds we offer. 


Our instant feedback monitors allow athletes to visually learn and correct patterns to achieve better results.


Revolution Basketball Training, located in Manchester and Milford, CT trains athletes to manage and develop their skills through Individual, Intense, & Innovative (the “Triple I”) basketball skill development in a small group setting with a consistent regimen of practice.

Revolution features basketball Skill Specialists who teach and demonstrate high-level skill development by breaking down footwork, body positioning, ball handling and shooting mechanics with intensity, speed and repetition to help athletes find more success with their own game.

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What Makes Revolution Basketball Training Unique

Take the Details to the Next Level. Visual Learning with our Instant Feedback. No other training facility uses innovation and technology like the RBT.

The power of visual learning gives athletes a new way of understanding what changes need to be made. Slow-motion playback and detailed on-screen breakdown reinforce the development for all ages!

Group Training

Develop skilled players with optimized skill enhancements. Turn your weaknesses into strengths with the use of  RBT’s proprietary training tools. 

You’ll work hard at skill development in a fun group setting, with highest touches and personal accountability.

Personal Training

Be mentored with a Skill Specialist of your choice. Take control of your training schedule to work around other commitments.

Personal training is being offered to girls and boys from grades 5 to 12 to get the individual attention to be better skilled players. Training methods are focused and disciplined, with the use of proprietary training tools including weighted medicine balls, rip cones, tennis balls,  and footwork mats.



Come Meet RBT
Attend Our Open House March 11, 2023.   Join us for a free skill development session, meet our skill specialists, and take part in an innovative and individual training style only being taught at Revolution Basketball Training!

Grades 1-7: 5-6 pm
Grades 8+: 6-7 pm

What to expect

This is about individual skills, there will be an intensity to the workouts. We will ask the athlete to live outside their comfort zone in order to maximize their growth. Also, the drills and skills are centered on the work itself, and not achieving success. Failure, failing fast and failing often is vital to this training philosophy.

What Your Athlete Will Gain

This is about skill development and creating an individual toolkit. Players will learn how to create their own offense while leapfrogging others with their accelerated footwork, ball handling, shooting and decision making.


Hear from the RBT Community

My son had a fantastic experience at RBT. The skilled coaching and engaging sessions have not only enhanced his skills but also left him with a passion for the sport. We're confident that the foundation laid at RBT will contribute to his continued growth in basketball. Highly recommend it!

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