Revolution Basketball Training, Connecticut


Join The Revolution

Revolution Basketball Training, is located in Manchester AND Milford, CT and is  an official I’m Possible Skill Lab. We train athletes to manage and develop their skills through Individual, Intense, & Innovative (the “Triple I”) basketball skill development in a small group setting with a consistent regimen of practice. Revolution features I’m Possible certified basketball Skill Specialists who teach and demonstrate high-level skill development by breaking down footwork, body positioning, ball handling and shooting mechanics with intensity, speed and repetition to help athletes find more success with their own game.

What We Do

Revolution Basketball Training (RBT) is a basketball development training center focused on Individual, Intense, & Innovative (the “Triple I”) basketball skill development in a small group setting with a consistent regimen of practice.  Our facility is open to boys and girls grades 4 and up.

What We Don't Do

Revolution Basketball Training is not a traditional basketball gym. There is not even a full-court; so, there are no games. It is a no-nonsense basketball training center where athletes receive specialized instruction on basketball fundamentals with innovative skill specialists techniques and equipment. We don’t focus on game enhancement, defense, offensive sets, etc.

Why This is Different

We are an officially licensed Skill Lab of I’m Possible Training, founded by Micah Lancaster, one of the premiere basketball skill specialists in the world, working with NBA athletes. Our Skill Specialists are certified by Micah Lancaster. They are personally trained by him and meet continuing educational requirements to bring the latest and greatest drills to our athletes.

What to Expect

This is about individual skills, there will be an intensity to the workouts. We will ask the athlete to live outside their comfort zone in order to maximize their growth. Also, the drills and skills are centered on the work itself, and not achieving success. Athletes are going to be required to multi-task and work on their weaknesses. Failure, failing fast and failing often is vital to this training philosophy.

What You Will Gain

What You will Gain: This is about skill enhancement and creating an individual offensive toolkit. By working on the weaknesses, you will truly turn these into strengths. Athletes will learn how to create their own offense while leapfrogging others with their accelerated footwork, ball handling, shooting and decision making.