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Basketball Skills Training: Why We Work with Player

Every basketball player is on their own journey. Some are super stars…some just starting to love the game….some are trying to advance on their team…some maybe recently got cut from their team. RBT is inclusive to working with every athlete in every stage of THEIR basketball journey.

RBT prepares EVERY type of basketball player out there. Why?

Regardless of an athlete’s skill, RBT encourages athletes to focus on progressing at the art of improving themselves….not become consumed with the destination or the result but instead realize that the journey is what really matters.

That journey should include building good habits, working consistency, holding themselves accountable and executing on their progress to get better at something they love doing.

RBT wants to be your athlete’s destination in 2023 for a fun learning environment that creates confidence (in and out of the gym) and forms accountable habits to become a better player AND an even better human.

How Your Athlete Can Stay Confident In-Season

With your hooper now in season, we’re stressing to athletes the importance of finding time to AT LEAST get shots up outside of the team environment.

#1 Rule is to stay confident and in rhythm.

College and professional players do this during the season to make sure their skills are sharp. Young athletes should have a similar routine.

Here’s Why:

  1. Coaches have a job to do. They’re working to ensure the team is in rhythm to win games. They have little time to work on shooting and skill and executing their offense and defense.
  2. Athletes must take the initiative to stay confident and in rhythm by finding the time to work on their skill and shot to be confident throughout the season. The season is long.
  3. Confidence is earned through repetition and consistency. There are no shortcuts.

Defining RBT’s Culture

The most successful teams have great cultures, which – in turn — contribute to each team member’s confidence, personal development, and ability to perform.
At RBT, we strive for a culture of Hard Work, Consistency, and Accountability supported by Encouragement, Camaraderie, and Joy
We take our culture seriously to ensure that we facilitate optimal performance of all RBT athletes.  And, as key contributors to our culture, here is what we expect from RBT athletes who train with us: 

  • Hard Work:  Give maximum effort for the entire length of your training session.  From warm-up to cool down, do your best.
  • Consistency:  Prioritize regular training sessions throughout the year.  Whether in-season or off-season, each training session is a link in the chain of your skill development.
  • Accountability:  Take responsibility for the details of the training, how well you are able to perform each skill, and commit to improving your skills on your own (i.e., outside of RBT sessions).
  • Encouragement:  During your training sessions, cheer things that are going well, celebrate improvements, and encourage yourself and your training partners to fight through the challenging portions of the training. 
  • Camaraderie:  Recognize that every athlete in your training session is participating in a unique experience with a singular goal: to reach your full potential as basketball players.  By being supportive, you will fuel each other’s progress toward that fine goal. 
  • Joy:  Appreciate our exceptional trainers, our incredible facility & tools, and your process of learning high-level basketball skills through failure, analysis, and persistent practice.  By enjoying the process, you will continue to unlock your abilities and elevate your game. 

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