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Vertimax Trial Training

When: June 21
Time: Choose Your time slot

VertiMax has become the world’s leading athletic training system designed for developing speed strength and explosive power through resistance training bands.

If you want to jump higher and improve your side-to-side reflexes, you need to center your training around the best exercises proven to produce results.

At RBT, Vertimax dedicated training is led by Nick Fenton in our Manchester facility and focuses on providing jump training but also help increase lateral movement, which is one of the most under-taught skills in basketball. So, experience and try before you commit to Vertimax training with our special Trial Day!

adult boy using vertimax basketball training camp manchester ct
personal basketball training in manchester

High Touch Clinics & Camps That Create Elite Players

We are an officially licensed Skill Lab of I’m Possible Training that is founded by Micah Lancaster, one of the premiere basketball skill specialists in the world, working with NBA athletes. Our Skill Specialists are certified by Micah Lancaster. They’re personally trained by him and meet continuing educational requirements to bring the latest and greatest drills to our athletes.

Shooting Clinic
Boys + Girls, Grades 6+

To change your shot, you have to change your habits.

When: January 17, 2022

RBT can get athletes on the right track to great shooting form. Working with a 6:2 student/teacher ratio, RBT is hosting a personalized Shooting Clinic on January 17th (grades 6+) led by Jaquann Starks. Register for your 75 minute time slot and walk away with personalized shooting tips.

Cost: $30 + tax

Where: RBT: 1412 Tolland Turnpike, Manchester

Boys and Girls Grades 6+. Choose your time slot. Spots are limited.

basketball coaches in manchester
personal basketball training in manchester

Open House
Open to Everyone Grades 1+

Come experience the world’s largest basketball movement on January 15, 2022. Free training session and meet our team of skill specialist who are transforming athlete’s skills and training habits.

Open House is at Manchester + Milford skill lab locations.