Group Basketball Training

Designed to Build Skilled Athletes

RBT’s Group Training offers three unique levels of training: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The assigned levels create uniform training groups and ensure RBT’s skill specialists perform effective training, and our athletes gain the most efficient development possible. It’s important to note that an athlete’s age is NOT a factor in our skill level descriptions so our groups will consist of athletes of different ages based on their skill level. Parents, we encourage you to seek feedback if you have questions about your child’s skill development or their placement level. We ask, however, that you respect our judgment regarding your athlete’s training level.

RBT will focus on the growth and development of each athlete’s weaknesses and fine tune the strengths. Each athlete is assigned their training level based on his/her mastery of fundamental skills. They are periodically reevaluated by our skill specialists.


$125Per Month
(plus CT Sales Tax)

For players looking to learn the game’s fundamental skills in a fun and exciting environment. These sessions utilize innovative drills to improve dribbling, shooting, passing, rebounding, and agility (footwork).  Train 2x a week. 

Suggested grade level: 2-7, boys and girls
Suggested experience level: Ideal for athletes who have played one year or less of basketball. Any athlete who’s brand new to basketball and working on developing their beginner level skills to train in the intermediate level. Recreation, CYO, & Beginner experience levels


$150Per Month
(plus CT Sales Tax)

This level is not for beginners and the athlete has skills to complete a layup, dribble with both hands and develop a jump shot. Athletes will continue to develop into a complete player. These sessions are great for those athletes that have some organized basketball experience AND plan to play AAU, school or town travel team. Skills for intermediate players focuses on the development of individual skills and introduces more aspects of the game. Main focus is on the fundamentals – ball handling, shooting, passing, shooting and footwork. Train 3x a week.

Suggested grade level: grades 5-10 boys and girls
Suggested experience level: Ideal for athletes who have played 3-5 years on a middle school travel team, or high School JV experience.


$150Per Month
(plus CT Sales Tax)

Advanced training is for the committed player striving to take that next jump in their basketball career. These sessions and programs challenge athletes, both physically and mentally, to push them to meet their basketball goals and objectives which include playing AAU, high school basketball. Sessions are high paced and intended to mirror the physicality and speed of the game at higher levels. Train 3x a week.

Suggested grade level: 7-12, boys and girls
Suggested experience level:  Ideal for athletes who have played 5 years of organized basketball experience including AAU, or High School Varsity Experience


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