How Can I Increase My Shooting Range in Basketball?

Expanding your shooting range in basketball isn’t just about adding another layer to your game; it’s a strategic move that can make you an invaluable asset on the court. In today’s fast-evolving game, where long-range shooting is more crucial than ever, mastering this skill can significantly uplift your performance and team dynamics. 

This article delves into the importance of a long shooting range and provides you with eight comprehensive strategies to extend yours. From enhancing physical strength to refining your mental approach, we cover all the bases to help you shoot with confidence from distances you never thought possible. Let’s dive in and explore how you can push your limits and become a more formidable player.

The Importance of a Long Shooting Range

Having a long shooting range in basketball is crucial for diversifying offensive strategies and spacing the floor effectively. It forces defenders to extend their coverage, creating more room for drives and interior plays. Players with deep shooting abilities, like Stephen Curry, have transformed team dynamics, making offenses more dynamic and unpredictable. Additionally, long-range shooters can turn the tide of a game with the threat of scoring from virtually anywhere, enhancing late-game strategies and pressure situations. This evolution emphasizes skill development, strategic planning, and adaptability in modern basketball.

8 Strategies to Increase Your Shooting Range in Basketball

Increasing your shooting range in basketball is crucial for becoming a more versatile and threatening player on the court. Extending your range makes it harder for defenders to guard you and can open up the floor for your teammates. Here are eight essential strategies to help you attain this:

  1. Strengthen Core and Legs: The power behind a long-range shot doesn’t just come from your arms; it comes from your core and legs. Strengthening these areas through targeted exercises can significantly improve your ability to shoot from farther distances. Incorporate leg exercises like squats, lunges, and calf raises, as well as core workouts like planks, Russian twists, and medicine ball tosses. A strong lower body and core provide the stability and power needed to extend your shooting range without sacrificing accuracy. By building up these muscles, you’ll find you can shoot from further away with the same ease as closer shots.
  1. Perfect Shooting Mechanics: Shooting with consistent form is crucial for increasing your range. Focus on perfecting your shooting mechanics, paying close attention to your grip, stance, balance, and follow-through. Every shot should have a smooth motion, starting from the legs and moving up through the body to the release of the ball. Practice shooting with a purpose, ensuring each shot is taken with proper form, even when fatigued. Video analysis can be a helpful tool in identifying and correcting inconsistencies in your technique. As your mechanics improve, gradually increase your distance from the hoop, maintaining the same form with each shot.
  1. Use a Weighted Basketball: Training with a weighted basketball can strengthen the muscles used in shooting, making a regulation ball feel lighter and easier to shoot from long distances. This method enhances arm, wrist, and finger strength, which is crucial for extending your shooting range. Incorporate exercises that focus on shooting and passing with the heavier ball, but be mindful not to overuse it to avoid altering your shooting mechanics negatively. Mixing this practice with regular shooting drills can help you build strength while retaining proper form.
  1. Increase Flexibility: Flexibility is often overlooked in shooting range development. Greater flexibility in the shoulders, back, and arms allows for a fuller range of motion, enabling a more powerful shot with less effort. Incorporate stretching routines into your training regimen, focusing on these key areas. Yoga and dynamic stretching can improve your overall flexibility, contributing to a smoother shot motion and the ability to shoot comfortably from further distances.
  1. Focus on High-Release Points: Adjusting your shooting form to have a higher release point can make it more difficult for defenders to obstruct your shot and can increase the arc of your shot, giving it a better chance of going in from longer distances. Practice shooting with an emphasis on releasing the ball at the rise of your jump and with your shooting hand finishing high. This technique requires strength and practice, as it changes the trajectory of your shot, potentially increasing accuracy and range.
  1. Practice Shooting Off the Dribble: Being able to shoot effectively off the dribble from long range adds a dynamic aspect to your game. It requires excellent ball-handling skills, balance, and the ability to quickly transition from dribbling to shooting. Practice dribbling to your shooting spots and pulling up for shots. This drill improves your muscle memory and balance, making it easier to shoot from range in game situations.
  1. Visualize Success: Mental preparation is as crucial as physical preparation. Spend time visualizing and making long-range shots in various game situations. Mental imagery can improve confidence and focus, leading to better performance on the court. Combine visualization with goal-setting, progressively challenging yourself to make shots from further distances during practice sessions.
  1. Analyze and Learn from the Pros: Study professional players who excel at long-range shooting. Pay attention to their shooting form, preparation, and how they create space for their shots. Incorporating some of their techniques and habits into your basketball training can provide insights and inspiration for extending your own shooting range. Watching game footage and practicing these techniques can bridge the gap between understanding and execution, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned in your shooting practice.


How often should I practice to effectively increase my shooting range in basketball?

Consistency is key to improving your shooting range. Aim to practice your shooting drills at least 3-4 times a week, integrating exercises that focus on strength, flexibility, and mechanics. Remember, quality over quantity; ensure each basketball session is focused and intentional, with a mix of close-range shots to maintain technique and long-range shots to push your limits.

Can improving my shooting range impact my overall basketball performance?

Yes, increasing your shooting range can significantly impact your overall game. It not only makes you a more versatile threat on offense but also stretches the defense, creating more space for your teammates to operate. This can lead to better scoring opportunities for yourself and others, improving your team’s offensive efficiency.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when trying to shoot from longer distances?

A common mistake is relying too much on arm strength, leading to poor shooting form. It’s crucial to generate power from your legs and core for long-distance shots. Another mistake is neglecting the mental aspect of shooting, such as confidence and visualization. Finally, avoid practicing long shots when fatigued, as this can reinforce bad habits.

How can I maintain my shooting accuracy as I increase my range?

To maintain accuracy, focus on consistent shooting mechanics regardless of distance. This includes a steady grip, balanced stance, and smooth follow-through. Gradually increase your shooting distance as you become more comfortable and maintain a high success rate. Utilize video analysis to monitor and correct your form regularly.


Increasing your shooting range in basketball is a multifaceted process that demands dedication, proper technique, and strategic practice. By strengthening your core and legs, refining your shooting mechanics, and incorporating specific drills into your training, you can extend your shooting capabilities and become a more versatile player. Remember, consistency is key. With perseverance and a focused approach, you’ll find yourself making shots from distances you never thought possible, all while contributing more significantly to your team’s success.

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