Perfecting Free Throws: Essential Drills to Improve Your Shot

Mastering free throws is a game-changer in basketball, and honing this skill requires focused practice. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just beginning, these fundamental drills can elevate your accuracy, consistency, and composure at the free-throw line. From the confidence-building Five Spots to the conditioning blend of One-and-One and Run, these exercises cater to various skill levels. 

In this blog, we will present the seven essential drills, shedding light on the importance of each while answering common questions about free throws. Elevate your game with these straightforward yet impactful techniques.

What Are Free Throws?

Free throws are uncontested shots awarded in basketball, typically granted after a foul. Players stand at the free-throw line, 15 feet away from the basket, attempting to score without opposition from defenders. Each successful free throw earns the team one point. These shots provide a strategic opportunity to capitalize on opponent mistakes and contribute to a team’s overall score. 

7 Essential Drills to Improve Your Free Throws

Free throw shooting is a crucial skill in basketball that can make a notable difference in close games. To enhance your proficiency at the free-throw line, try these seven essential drills that focus on accuracy, consistency, and composure.

  1. Five Spots

This drill helps you build confidence and perfect your shooting mechanics. Start by making five consecutive free throws from five different spots around the key: directly in front, below the block, across the lane, and on each hash mark of the free throw line. The target is to make 25 shots in a row without a miss, emphasizing both accuracy and consistency.

  1. Progressive Free Throw Shooting

Rotate around six baskets and progressively increase the number of consecutive free throws you make at each spot. Begin with one free throw, then move to the next basket and make two in a row. Continue this pattern until you reach ten consecutive free throws. This drill enhances your focus and stamina while gradually increasing the level of difficulty.

  1. Hot Spot

Engage in a competitive “Hot Spot” game with fellow players. Stand on the lane lines and take turns shooting one free throw each. If you make the shot, you stay in the game; if you miss, you step off to the “Hot Spot.” The last player remaining wins. This drill adds pressure and mimics game-time situations.

  1. Crazy Eight Competition

This challenging game encourages composure under pressure. Players accumulate points only on missed free throws, with the goal of avoiding reaching eight points. A missed free throw resets the point total to zero. This drill not only sharpens your shooting skills but also builds mental toughness.

  1. Free Throw Swish

Focus on free throw accuracy with the “Swish” drill. Shoot three free throws, awarding one point for each swished shot without touching the rim. No points are given for shots that touch the rim, and a minus one point is assigned for a missed shot. Strive for a perfect “Hat Trick” by scoring three points in a round.

  1. One-and-One and Run

Combine free throw shooting with conditioning by incorporating sprints into the drill. Shoot a one-and-one free throw situation, and if you make both shots, you get to run. Sprint to half-court and back, repeating the process. The drill ends after ten successful runs. This adds a fitness element to your free throw practice.

  1. “Four Up” – Team Free Throw Shooting

Make free throw practice more engaging by turning it into a team competition. Divide players into two teams, shooting one free throw each in a rotating fashion. Scoring is based on made and missed free throws, with the game concluding when one team reaches a cumulative score of +4 or “Four Up.”

Free Throws FAQs

What determines the number of free throws? 

It is determined by the rules of basketball and fouls committed during a game. When a player is fouled while trying a shot or when a team accumulates a certain number of team fouls, the opposing team is awarded free throws. 

What is the proper technique for free throws?  

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees gently bent. Hold the ball with a comfortable grip, aligning it with your shooting hand. Focus on the basket, keeping your shooting elbow straight and forming a 90-degree angle with your non-shooting arm. Bend your knees, release the ball with a smooth motion, and follow through with your shooting hand. Consistency and concentration are crucial for accurate shots during your basketball training.

Is it allowed to jump on a free throw?

While there’s no explicit rule against jumping during a shot, it’s uncommon, especially among older players. Jumping risks crossing the free throw line, a violation. Maintaining a consistent routine is crucial for stability and accuracy, with bending the knees being preferred over jumping to minimize unnecessary movement. Younger players may find avoiding a jump challenging while establishing a consistent shooting form.

How long do free throws take? 

A shooter must be positioned above the line and within the upper half of the designated area. They must attempt the shot within 10 seconds of ball control, ensuring the ball either enters the basket or touches the ring. This time constraint adds a prompt element to the shooter’s routine, contributing to the overall pace of the process.

How many fouls before free throws?

Free throws are awarded when a team accumulates its fifth foul in a period or its second foul within the last two minutes of that period, whichever comes earlier. Once this foul threshold is reached, the opposing team is granted free throw opportunities, providing a strategic element to the consequences of team fouls during a game.


These seven free throw drills offer a solid path to improving your basketball skills. From honing accuracy with “Five Spots” to adding pressure with “Crazy Eight,” each drill targets essential aspects. Remember, consistency and composure are key. Keep practicing with these exercises to boost your confidence and elevate your game at the free-throw line. Enjoy the process of becoming a more accurate and reliable shooter!

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