Innovative. Intense. Individual.

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Setting Athletes Up for Success

The best way to improve the team is to improve YOU.

Come experience the world’s largest basketball movement. Footwork, ball handling, finishing, shooting. Revolution Basketball Training aims at exploring weaknesses and developing an athlete’s natural abilities to do great things in the games.

RBT’s training is focused on muscle memory and skill acquisition where we add layers to the training to make athletes more confident and dangerous on offense. Basketball season is all year long here at RBT.

RBT is conveniently located in Manchester and Milford, CT. We train athletes and develop their game-ready skills through Individual, Intense, & Innovative (the “Triple I”) basketball skill development in a small group setting.

Players work with a Skill Specialist with training methods that utilize proprietary training tools such as weighted medicine balls, tennis balls, rip cones, footwork mats, and optimized backboards. With our instant feedback monitors, athletes will visually learn and correct patterns to achieve better results.

Multiple Ways To Train

There are multiple ways to train in RBT’s Training Lab. Special Packages are available for Professional, College, and Prep school athletes. Every day, our skill specialists train beginners to professionals.  No matter the skill level, you will gain the skills needed to enhance your game. Check our basketball training schedule for more information.

Consistent Weekly Training

Turn your weaknesses into strengths to make you a more holistic player.


Choose your Skill Specialist to work with your athlete. Train with 2-3 like skilled athletes on your schedule.

Game-realistic skill work

We focus on developing your ball handling, footwork, coordination, and finish.

Proven And Innovative Methods

With our instant feedback monitors, you will visually learn and correct patterns for greater results.

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Basketball Training Program in Manchester and Milford, CT

Finally, a program devoted to skill enhancement, whether for a beginner or an experienced athlete. At Revolution Basketball Training, we have a program for every basketball skill level.

We focus on the individual players and see what they’re doing with their hands, feet, jump shot, dribbling, and finish in order to help them find their weak areas and turn these into strengths, making them a more holistic athlete.

A Skill Specialist will guide each player using proprietary training methods and techniques, like the use of monitors that instantly give feedback to players. The feedback monitors will help the athletes visually learn the mistakes in their form and correct these immediately.

Our Programs

A program devoted for kids that focuses on skills, not just the basics.

Small Group Training

$ 150
Per Month
  • Small Group Training for grades 5-12. No personal training
  • Up to 3 days of Small Group Training per week (see schedule)
  • 1-hour workouts
  • Membership automatically renews every 30 days. Cancel anytime.


$ 125
Per Month
  • Group training for grades 2-4
  • Up to 2 days of training per week (see calendar)
  • 45-minute training sessions
  • Membership renews automatically every 30 days. Cancel anytime.

Personal Training

$ 260
Per Month
  • A Skill Specialist of your choice, and 4 workouts per month in a group of up to 4 players
  • Access to 1 day/week of additional small group training
  • 1-hour training sessions
  • Membership renews automatically every 30 days. Cancel anytime.

Team Training

$ 22
Per Person
  • Personal training for groups or teams of 6-15 players.
  • 75-minute workouts.
  • All sessions are paid in advance.
  • All trainings are scheduled in advance.
  • No access to Small Group Training.
  • No access to the I'm Possible Training App.


$ 30
Per Pass
  • 1-time Small Group Training
  • 1-hour training
  • Check the calendar for training times
  • Not a membership. Expires 30 days from date of purchase.