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In regard to the training from a parent perspective, I have witnessed my son become a more poised, skilled player on the court. After each session I follow up with him to ask what he has learned and it is always something new with a level of excitement and positivity. He looks at Steve not just as a trainer, but as a role model in which he has a desire to train kids down the road.

The biggest improvement in my opinion is his confidence. He has become a different player over the past 2 years. He has confidence in his ability to try different things on the court he wouldn’t have done prior to training. With his new found confidence and versatility, Lebron has become a much better scorer on the floor in a variety of ways.

What has impressed me and others are his moves. There are times when Lebron is on the court and will make a move many have never seen before. Many can tell he is putting in work somewhere and that is within the lab with Steve.

Lastly, Steve has helped Lebron expand his skill development in multiple ways. Lebron thinks the game much better and quicker. His footwork is impeccable and his overall technique has improved. Steve has provided Lebron with a variety of tools on how to beat his defender, creating for himself and others. Connecting with Steve and Revolution Basketball Training has been a blessing! Lebron loves coming to the facility twice a week and looks forward to taking his game to another level in his Junior season.


Errol Maurice

I just wanted to share that Ava has been attending the skill lab since last year.  Ava has been training with Jaquann, she is constantly learning new things.  Just this week she told me that Jaquann taught her some shooting techniques that have changed her life!! (Her words!) Ava’s skills and confidence has increased by leaps and bounds!! As parents we appreciate this so much!  We just wanted to pass along how much we appreciate this program! 


Brian Carter

Wanted to let you know that Tyler is playing in a fall league to warmup for the season. He looked great in his first game – shot the ball well and was confident handling the ball. Sarah and I both think it’s because of the work he’s putting in at RBT.

Wanted to share some feedback! After 4 games, Tyler’s footwork is showing up. Using his drop like a champ and is consistently beating his man off the dribble and getting to basket for layups. He’s had at least 10 points in his last 3 games and 14 last night. You can see the confidence now in using what he’s learned and it’s made him that much more confident in his all around game. He looks like a completely different player than he did when last season ended.


James Hurdle

RBT is the training place that I’ve been looking for to train my granddaughter. It provides consistent and highly skilled training. In a short time Jaquann and staff have improved her shooting, footwork and ball handling. Jaquann teaches her to understand the skills and training so that she is able to make her own corrections in her workouts and recognize and adapt to different situations, Most important is that she loves training at RBT.


Anthony Young

After two weeks of skill lab, I seen improvement in TJ’s ball handling and confidence in driving to the hoop. I thought if this could happen in a group setting, there is no telling how much TJ would improve with personal training. I also liked the ability of having an app that would track TJ’s progress and specify items he needs to work on at home. Ultimately, all of this would bring his game to the next level.

TJ would like to improve his shooting from all angles of the court and ability to drive to the hoop among all size opponents. I am looking for his skilled trainer to educate him about his style, strengthens/weakness and what he should expect on the court.

TJ loves everything about RBT and being among other players that love basketball as much as him! I like the state of art facility and the skilled trainers that are truly engaged with the players. Top it off by the energy and excitement of all the players, RBT is the place to be.


Nicole Roberts

I absolutely loved every second of it. I love the atmosphere, the positivity and the teaching the trainers do. I saw my sons having fun but learning at the same time. The foot work is more important than making that jump shot. Revolution is teaching our youth how to cover 94 feet of the floor. Mark my words…. Revolution will send more kids out of CT to college.


Thomas Davis

My daughter Brianna was a player on Coach Mike’s team last year. She loves the sport as do her parents and we were excited to know that she would be coached by one of the best. In talking with Coach Mike he told us about the skills training program he was putting together and Brianna decided she wanted to train this summer. While she always loved the sport she sometimes doubted her own abilities as a player and didn’t allow herself the full potential she was capable of. 

After training this summer we have seen an improvement in Brianna not only on the court but off it as well. She’s no longer afraid to take shots or go for it and her confidence level has increased ten fold. We were so proud to learn that even folks in the local basketball community had noticed a different in her skills set and that’s thanks to the training she received at Revolution Basketball Training (RBT).
Brianna loves attending sessions and we definitely see her dedication continue to grow along with her love of the game.


Debbie burns

Wells enjoys every aspect of the skills development program. He especially enjoys learning new skills with the intensity and knowledge that the coaches bring. From the second the session begins, the coaches are constantly teaching, correcting, and encouraging. It is one hour packed with a ton of basketball instruction. Wells has definitely learned new skills thru coaches as wells as video feedback to fine tune the newly taught skill and translate it to a game situation.

I have seen Wells attack his game with vigor. Wells can now see the game from a deeper perspective as a student of the game. The skills he has learned have increased his confidence, his ability and his speed alike.
Jaquann is a great role model. He coaches with intensity and his understanding of how to get wells to understand the nuance of individual skills is impressive. Wells would follow Jaquann to the end of the earth. There are plenty of people who understand the game of basketball, there are few that can teach it like Jaquann. We feel really lucky that Wells has the opportunity to work with him.


Philip Lopez

Anna has attended a lot of various training sessions over the past 4-5 years. The skill level of the Revolution training staff is top notch. They hold the players accountable to perform the skill the correct way. You could see the players progression of learning the skill in the beginning of the drill to successfully making any required corrections and successfully using with the correct technique. The instructor staff covers a lot of ground in a one hour session. The facility has a “Cool factor” with a very unique and intimate layout from a traditional basketball court. It’s a place you want to go to. Players attending the Skill Lab are passionate about training and improving their game which creates a great energy to development and growth.

In two short weeks, I’ve see Anna’s confidence grow as a player. Each session is different touching on many key skills to develop reinforcing proper technique, footwork and positioning. Performing these behaviors in a repetitive fashion allows the students to absorb the skill at their individual pace.
With having training sessions 6 days a week, it’s allow flexibility to work around the high school schedule. The action packed sessions are just 60 minutes long so no excuses.

“All my daughter talked about on the ride home was how awesome the session was. She’s been a part of sooooo many clinics, but nothing at this level.”


Wayne Wilson

I’d say that I’ve noticed his dribbling to have improved a lot due to training at your facility. He’s able to drive the lane without looking at the ball and go up for an underhanded layup, which he wasn’t able to do before. His ability to dribble and do a layup with his non dominant hand has improved a lot.

As a former basketball player (I played travel for Glastonbury and played varsity for Glastonbury High), I like that the players always have a ball in their hand so they are constantly improving. A team practice, camp session or game may have a lot of time where the only a few kids are getting touches.

Also, my son is a sensitive kid and the instructors have a nice way of giving instruction and feedback. I’m very impressed with the organization of how the session runs. The instructors do a great job of demonstrating, having the kid practice the skill and providing feedback. I was skeptical at first when I saw one instructor with 20 kids, but it works out great as they are organized and very involved.

The instructors clearly are very well trained and know the sport well. I think it helps that my son has a few friends that go, too.


Bruce Miller

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