Skill-Specific Training for Point Guards/Forwards/Centers

Basketball training can help you become a better player. Point guards should be proficient in passing and shooting, while the forwards and centers should have excellent post-up moves and rebounding ability. These are essential qualities of an exceptionally talented basketball player. Skill-specific training for point guards, forwards, and centers helps player development, from ball handling, shooting, passing, rebounding, and other skills. So, what are the recommended training and sessions that you need to become the best basketball player?

Recommended Training for Point Guards

Training for point guards in basketball can cover a wide range of skills, from ball-handling and passing to decision-making and leadership. In addition to these specific drills, overall conditioning, agility, and mental toughness are essential aspects of training for point guards. Encourage point guards to work on their fitness, agility, and basketball understanding through regular workouts, film study, and competitive gameplay.

Here are some recommended skill-specific training for point guards:

Ball-Handling Drills

Point guards need exceptional ball-handling skills to navigate through defenders and initiate plays. Focus on drills like dribbling around cones, dribbling with both hands, crossover dribbling, and dribbling under pressure. Consistent and varied ball-handling practice will improve control and confidence on the court.

Passing Drills

Point guards are often the primary playmakers on the team, so precise passing is crucial. Practice different types of passes, such as chest passes, bounce passes, and overhead passes. Work on accuracy, timing, and decision-making in passing drills, including fast breaks and pick-and-roll situations.

Shooting Workouts

While point guards are known for setting up plays, they must also be capable scorers when necessary. Focus on shooting drills from various spots on the court, including mid-range jumpers, floaters, and three-pointers. Emphasize shooting off the dribble, catching and shooting, and shooting under pressure.

Defensive Drills

Point guards play a vital role in defense, often tasked with pressuring the opposing team’s ball handler and disrupting passing lanes. Incorporate defensive drills such as defensive slides, closeout drills, and defensive stance exercises. Work on defensive footwork, lateral quickness, and anticipating offensive moves.

Game Situation Scenarios

In training, replicate game-like situations to prepare point guards for real-game situations. Set up drills that simulate fast breaks, pick-and-roll plays, and end-of-game situations. Focus on decision-making under pressure, reading the defense, and executing plays effectively.

Recommended Training for Forwards

Forwards in basketball have a diverse set of responsibilities, including scoring, rebounding, and defending. In addition to these specific drills, overall physical conditioning, agility, and basketball IQ are essential for forwards. Encourage forwards to work on their strength, agility, and understanding of the game through weight training, agility drills, and studying game film. By focusing on these areas, forwards can become more well-rounded and impactful players on the court.

Post Moves and Footwork Drills

Forwards often operate in the low post, where they need strong footwork and scoring moves to score efficiently. Practice various post moves such as drop steps, jump hooks, up-and-under moves, and spin moves. Emphasize proper footwork, balance, and finishing around the basket.

Rebounding Drills

Rebounding is a crucial aspect of a forward’s game, both offensively and defensively. Incorporate rebounding drills that simulate game-like situations, including box-out drills, tip drills, and outlet passing drills. Focus on positioning, timing, and aggression when attacking the boards.

Shooting Workouts

Forwards are often expected to stretch the floor and knock down outside shots, including mid-range jumpers and three-pointers. Develop a consistent shooting routine that includes catch-and-shoot drills, shooting off screens, and shooting off the dribble. Work on shooting with proper form and confidence.

Defensive Drills

Forwards play a significant role in team defense, guarding opposing forwards and protecting the rim. Implement defensive drills such as closeout drills, defensive slides, and help-side defense rotations. Emphasize communication, positioning, and contesting shots without fouling.

Ball Handling and Passing Drills

Modern basketball requires forwards to have decent ball-handling and passing skills to contribute to ball movement and offensive flow. Incorporate ball-handling drills such as dribbling through cones, full-court dribbling, and dribble handoff sequences. Practice passing drills that focus on accurate passes, including outlet passes, post-entry passes, and kick-out passes.

Recommended Training for Centers

Training for centers in basketball typically revolves around developing skills related to scoring in the paint, rebounding, shot-blocking, and defending the rim. Here are five recommended skill-specific training for centers:

  • Post Moves and Finishing Drills — Centers need to be proficient in scoring close to the basket. Focus on developing post moves such as drop steps, jump hooks, baby hooks, and turnaround jumpers. Work on finishing with both hands around the rim and absorbing contact to finish through fouls.
  • Rebounding Workouts — Rebounding is a critical aspect of a center’s game, as they are often the primary rebounders on the team. Incorporate rebounding drills that emphasize positioning, timing, and boxing out. Practice offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, and outlet passes to initiate fast breaks.
  • Defensive Drills — Centers play a pivotal role in protecting the rim and anchoring the team’s defense. Implement defensive drills such as rim protection drills, shot-blocking drills, and pick-and-roll defense. Emphasize positioning, communication, and shot contesting without fouling.
  • Strength and Conditioning — Centers need to possess strength and endurance to battle in the paint and establish position under the basket. Incorporate strength training exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses to build lower-body and upper-body strength. Additionally, conditioning drills such as sprints, agility drills, and interval training should be included to improve endurance and mobility.
  • Shooting Drills — While centers primarily operate in the paint, developing a mid-range jump shot can make them even more versatile and difficult to defend. Practice shooting drills from the mid-range area, including pick-and-pop situations and face-up jumpers. Work on shooting with proper form and consistency.

How can forwards improve their scoring abilities?

Forwards can enhance their scoring abilities by practicing post moves, mid-range jumpers, and three-point shooting. Developing a variety of scoring moves, such as drop steps and fadeaways, can make forwards more versatile and difficult to defend.

What drills can centers do to improve their rebounding skills?

Centers can improve their rebounding skills by focusing on positioning, timing, and boxing-out techniques. Rebounding drills such as box-out drills, tip drills, and rebounding in traffic can help centers become more effective on the boards.

What are some effective defensive drills for guards?

Guards can improve their defensive skills by practicing defensive slides, closeout drills, and on-ball defense against live opponents. Additionally, drills focusing on help-side defense and defensive rotations can help guards become more well-rounded defenders.

What strength and conditioning exercises are beneficial for centers?

Strength training exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses can help centers build lower- and upper-body strength. Additionally, conditioning drills such as sprints, agility drills, and interval training can improve endurance and mobility, allowing centers to perform at a high level throughout games.


Don’t be surprised when you see forwards and centers shooting from the outside as basketball becomes more positionless. To improve your basketball skills, you can perform skill-specific training for point guards, forwards, and centers. Revolution Basketball Training offers comprehensive training and programs to help players grow. Contact us today.

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