Small Group Basketball Training

Designed to Build Skilled Athletes

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Find Your Weaknessess at The Lab in Manchester and Milford

Grades 5-12

RBT is an officially licensed I’m Possible Training Skill Lab. We offer basketball skill enhancement for boys and girls grades 4-12, providing them with the individual attention they need to improve their skills as players.

Athletes go through Individual, Intense, & Innovative (the “Triple I”) basketball skill development and disciplined training focused on developing their ball handling, footwork, coordination, and finish. Training methods utilize proprietary tools such as weighted medicine balls, tennis balls, rip cones, footwork mats, and optimized backboards. With the aid of our instant feedback monitors, athletes will visually learn and correct patterns for better results.

Small Group Training provides skill development in a fun, challenging group training setting with maximum touches and personal accountability.

Training methods are focused and disciplined utilizing proprietary training tools including weighted medicine balls, tennis balls, rip cones, and footwork mats. And, our instant feedback monitors allow athletes to visually make corrections.

The culture and connections you gain from the Small Group Basketball Training sessions add to an athlete’s basketball growth you can’t find anywhere else. You will train rigorously at skill development in a competitive and fun environment, with maximum touches and personal accountability.

Small Group Training

When you enter the Lab; you’re here to work on yourself. We train players in a small group setting focused on their individual improvement which allows them to grow into any basketball system. The culture here is magnetic, where players will want to put in the work as opposed to doing it in their driveway or at the park.


Like a gym membership, come as much as you want. There is no limit to the number of training sessions you attend. Membership only starts the day you sign-up and renews every 30 days using the credit card you enter. To Cancel, click on the cancel my membership button below in the footer.


Small Group Training runs 3x a week on designated days and times based on grades 5-8 and 9-12. See Schedule.

Small Group Basketball Training

The membership gives you a different level of training access. Compare each one to know which one best fits your goal.

Small Group Training Membership

$140Per Month

Other Programs

Personal Training

$ 250-550
Per Month
  • Choose your skill specialist and receive 4 workouts a month in a group of up to 4 players
  • Access to 1 day/week of additional small group training
  • Personal training sessions are one hour
  • Membership renews automatically every 30 days. Cancel anytime.


$ 100
Per Month
  • Group training for grades 1-4.
  • Up to 2 days of training per week (see calendar).
  • 45-minute training sessions.
  • Membership renews automatically every 30 days. Cancel anytime.


$ 30
Per Pass
  • 1-time Small Group Training.
  • 1-hour training.
  • Check the calendar for training times.
  • Not a membership. Expires 30 days from date of purchase.