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Building Individual Contributors for Teams

How much practice time is your team spending on true skill enhancement? We understand that as a coach, your focus is on team plays, game strategies, and player mentorship. This is why Revolution Basketball Training’s Team Training will be a good fit for your group. With the help of our Skill Specialists, you can supplement skill enhancement training, allowing you to have more time for what matters.

Transform your team’s scouting report by letting our Skill Specialist aggressively confront your players’ weaknesses, teach them new game-ready skills, and build their confidence with different skill levels for travel, AAU, high school, or college teams.

Team Training is done at RBT’s Training Labs in Manchester and Milford, CT. When teams enter, they will be focused on working outside their comfort zone using our performance tools like footwork mats, rip cones, tennis balls, weighted medicine balls, optimized backboards, and instant feedback visual learning.

TEAM TRAINING in Manchester and Milford, CT

Customize your team training package. Offering one-time to recurring training for teams, travel, and AAU programs. Customized training for semi-professional and college teams is available by calling us directly.

Team Training

$22Per Person

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All trainings are paid upfront. Multiple training sessions can be scheduled. Reduced rates are available for 10 of more sessions.

You will be contacted by RBT to set up training for your team.

Your training time will be spent working on skill enhancement. We do NOT focus on game enhancement, defense, or shooting.

Coach Testimonials

As a coach, I simply don’t have the time or expertise to focus on skill enhancement. If I can supplement skill enhancement, it allows the coach to focus on the team aspects in practice and not spend valuable gym time away from what the team needs to work on.
Glastonbury, CT Travel Basketball Coach
Taking the team to RBT, a facility specifically designed for skill development, is an awesome thing for the kids to experience. They are out of their comfort zone, with highly specialized training. It was immensely beneficial for them to learn new techniques and verbiage. Seeing themselves on the instant feedback was huge! We record games, but never workouts. I could see a lot of the kids correcting themselves immediately after seeing what they were doing wrong.
CT AAU Coach