How RBT’s Training Labs Help Boosts Your Kid’s Basketball Skills

RBT’s Training Labs are designed to help aspiring basketball players improve their skills and performance. We include various training programs or facilities, such as drills and exercises that focus on specific aspects of the game, such as shooting, ball handling, defense, general conditioning, agility, and strength training. 

Our training labs use specialized equipment and technology, such as video analysis or virtual reality systems. In addition, we have kids’ training and personal and small group training to cater to your needs and preferences. We also offer basketball camps and events for beginner and advanced players who want to take their skills to the next level. 

Continue reading and learn how we can help you become an elite basketball player.

What To Expect About RBT’s Training Labs

Revolution Basketball Training offers innovative training methods and specialized instructions on the fundamentals of basketball. Our skill specialist techniques use proprietary training tools like footwork mats, tennis balls, weighted medicine balls, rip cones, optimized blackboards, and instant feedback monitors to help players improve their movements.

We provide basketball training for all ages and skill levels. Basketball clinics are excellent for children to foster their social well-being by meeting and playing with other budding players. However, teamwork, inclusivity, and social values learned through sports are needed when they reach adulthood.

We understand that your child’s campus basketball program is excellent, but they will learn more when they have the chance to experience other coaching styles and methods. Here at RBT, they will learn game-ready skills and improve their basketball skills under the guidance of our certified Skills Specialists. 

Our training labs ensure a fun and engaging environment where your kids can play with other talented athletes to help them become elite basketball players. 

How Can We Help Your Child Improve Their Basketball Skills


Training labs are very effective in turning mediocre athletes into elite basketball players. Thanks to the innovative training methods involved to improve specific skills like shooting, dribbling, agility, strength, and stamina, participants will be in better shape when competing with other athletes in the game in terms of physical strength and skills.

Small Group Training

Our small group training offers a fun and challenging session where your child will learn personal accountability with maximum touches. Our training method includes proprietary tools like rip cones, tennis balls, weighted medicine balls, footwork mats, and instant feedback monitors.

The connections and training culture from small group training are essential for any athlete’s basketball development.

Kids Training

Our kids’ training session focuses on children from grades 1-4. The training involves individual skills needed as they advance into the sport. We offer progressing skill enhancement programs to match their personal skill requirements and proper character enhancements needed to bring them to the next level of their basketball journey. 

Personal Training

RBT’s training labs for personal training are available for boys and girls from grades 5 to 12. They will have individual coaching that will focus on improving their strengths and weaknesses. Every training method is focused and disciplined, using training tools that progress depending on the difficulty the player needs.

This training program aims to develop individual players under the full supervision of our certified skilled specialists in a consistent discipline as the player improves their game. Each player is expected to discover their weaknesses and turn them into strengths to help them take their skills to the next level.

Team Enhancement Training

While individual skill is important, teamwork is critical in winning games and even championships. Our certified skill specialists will help your kids develop team enhancement skills necessary for game strategies, and team plays, and player mentorship.


RBT’s training labs aim to help aspiring young basketball players in Milford and Manchester, Connecticut, improve their basketball skills. Thanks to our innovative training methods and certified skill specialists, we can assure your child has the right training to take his basketball journey to the next level. 

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