What Are Shooting Accuracy Drills

Becoming a better shooter as a basketball player is crucial. So, how can one increase their basketball shooting efficiency? Understanding what shooting accuracy drills are can help you shoot consistently and effectively.

It/’s one thing to practice your shots, but you also must focus on your steady shooting form. You must utilize various practice methods and techniques, such as focusing on your balance, improving your follow-through, and keeping your eyes on your target.

Shooting Accuracy Drills

The process of becoming a better basketball shooter like Stephen Curry or Damian Lillard is progressive and calls for targeted movements that will increase your shooting accuracy and power. The secret is to consistently and deliberately work on your shooting foundations until they become effortless and you no longer have to think over your technique or approach.

Shooting Form Drils

  • Stand close to the basket (around 3-5 feet away) and focus solely on your shooting form.
  • Use a one-hand shooting technique and concentrate on your shooting mechanics—such as hand placement, follow-through, and wrist action.
  • Shoot repetitively, aiming for a high arc and proper backspin on the ball.
  • Gradually move back as you gain confidence in your form.

Spot Shooting Drill

  • Place several markers or cones at various spots around the key or perimeter (e.g., corners, wings, elbows).
  • Start at one spot and shoot a designated number of shots (e.g., 5-10) from that spot.
  • Focus on shooting with proper form and consistency.
  • Rotate around the court, shooting from each designated spot before moving to the next.

Partner Pass and Shoot Drill

  • Partner up with a teammate or friend.
  • One player passes the ball to the shooter from different positions on the court (varying distances and angles).
  • Focus on catching the ball, quickly getting into a shooting stance, and taking the shot.
  • Rotate roles after a certain number of shots or time intervals.

Game-Like Shooting Drill

  • Simulate game situations by incorporating movement into your shooting drills.
  • Use dribble pull-ups, catch-and-shoot scenarios, or shooting off screens.
  • Mimic the actions you’d perform in a real game and focus on shooting in a game-speed environment.

Free Throw Focus Drill

  • Dedicate time to improving free throw shooting, as it significantly contributes to overall accuracy.
  • Shoot a series of free throws, focusing on consistency in your routine, breathing, and mental focus.
  • Track your free throw percentage and strive to improve it over time.

Why Is Accuracy Important in Basketball?

Shooting accuracy is fundamental in basketball as it directly impacts a team’s ability to score, dictate defensive strategies, and ultimately influence game outcomes. Players who possess strong shooting skills are assets to their teams, contributing significantly to offensive success and overall team performance.

  • Late-Game Situations — In clutch moments or during late-game situations, accurate shooters become go-to options for scoring. Having players who can consistently make shots under pressure is invaluable and can be the difference between winning and losing close games.
  • Player Development — Developing shooting accuracy improves a player’s overall offensive skill set. It requires discipline, focus, and good technique, leading to improved basketball fundamentals and an expanded offensive arsenal.
  • Confidence and Momentum —- When players or teams are shooting accurately, it boosts their confidence, creating positive momentum. This confidence often extends to other aspects of the game, including defense and overall team morale.
  • Space Creation —- Players with good shooting accuracy, especially from long-range positions beyond the three-point line, force defenders to step out and guard them. This creates more space near the basket for drives, cuts, and plays, allowing for easier scoring opportunities for the entire team.
  • Impact on Strategy —- Shooting accuracy influences game strategies. Teams that shoot well from the outside force opponents to adjust their defensive schemes, often leading to changes in defensive positioning, double teams, or defensive rotations, which can create mismatches and openings for scoring.
Other Tips to Improve Basketball Accuracy

The finest basketball players improve their shot mechanics daily since form shooting is a laborious skill. In order to maintain proper balance, keep your right hand on the right side of the ball, and increase your overall shooting accuracy, professional athlete Steph Curry has created a set of exercises and advice for you to master form shooting skills.

  • Shoot until you get five flawless makes from only a few feet out of the basket.
  • Keep track of the number of shots required to reach five.
  • Once you’re in the middle of the lane, walk back and keep shooting until you get five more flawless makes.
  • After completing five in a row, move backward and repeat twice more.
  • Start expanding your shooting practice from each of the four spots in front of the basket.
  • Take five form shots from every 20 places, then note your makes.
  • You can proceed to another training level if you can shoot 100 form shots.
  • Challenge yourself to shoot as many times as necessary to hit five flawless makes from different 20 spots. 

Record a film of your shots from the side and the front on camera. Watch the video again and examine your mechanics. Do you frequently make any mistakes? How can you improve your techniques to get a more effective shot?


What is the proper form for shooting? 

When shooting, make sure your arm is completely extended and that you are controlling the ball with your index and middle fingers. When you shoot, keep your elbow in. You’ll be able to manage the ball and make more accurate shots as a result.

How can I increase the accuracy of my shots?

 By creating a regular shooting schedule, improving your feet and balance, and becoming an expert mid-range shooter, you can raise your accuracy rate. Additionally, you can increase your shooting accuracy by visualizing the shot, practicing rhythm and timing, and shooting from outside of the shooting arc.

What are some pointers to shoot more accurately?

Finding your target early using various techniques, concentrating on your form, and applying your foot strength for long shots are some strategies for improving your accuracy.

How can I increase the accuracy of my shots when I’m outside the arc? 

You should work on your form shooting, establish your shooting rhythm and timing, and practice shooting from various angles if you want to increase your accuracy when shooting beyond the arc. 


The next time you want to get better at something, start small, commit the necessary time, and allow yourself the chance to get better. A player should maximize the shooting drills to enhance their basketball skills; there are no secret tools—just hard work.

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